Studying for the Insurance Licensing Exam

1. Decide that you will pass the exam the first time you take it.

2. The average test taker will need around 35-40 hours of diligent study time to be able to pass the Life and Health or the Property and Casualty licensing exams. If you spread your studying time over several weeks you will need more time to review because you will have forgotten some/much of what you learned. If your are doing the Life only or the Health only exams plan on about 25-30 hours. How long you personally will need to spend studying depends on how fast you learn, how focused you are, and many other factors. Plan your time according to your previous studying and examination experiences.

3. Read and reread the text multiple times, section by section to make sure you understand the material. To pass the licensing exam you need to know the material in the text!!

4. Highlight concepts in the book, write down facts, numbers and amounts, or say them aloud several times to help you memorize the material.

5. Remember that repetition is the mother of learning.

6. Studies show that adults generally learn best when they divide their study time into manageable chunks. Take a 5-10-minute break after each section of the material, or every 20-30 mins of focused studying.

7. Study diligently over several days.

8. Answer the review questions after the end of each section of the text, online course, or video. If you get any of these questions wrong, review the section again. The review questions at the end of each section are generally easy, and straightforward.

9. When taking an end of course practice exam, try to answer the questions without looking at the text. If you just don't know the answer, return to the text and restudy the material. When you go through the exam additional times, do not look at the text. Go through the end of course practice exams several times until you consistently get a 90% or better without checking the text for the answers.

10. You must KNOW the material.

11. Watching the Videos - If you have the videos or are doing an online course, pause the video and take notes while watching the seminar.

12. Every day you should spend some of the time reviewing what you studied on previous days.

Before Taking the Insurance Licensing Exam

1. Check the pre-licensing requirements in your state. Check these requirements before you schedule your exam! Some states require a certified pre-licensing course, some, that you have the pre-licensing certificate with you when you go to the exam, some, that you be fingerprinted, etc, etc.

2. Most/all states will require you to show a valid picture ID at the test site, e.g. a drivers license. Be sure you have any required paperwork with you when you go to take the exam.

3. Get a good night's rest the night before the exam.

4. Studies also show that a meal with protein helps people stay more alert. Avoid candy or a meal high in sugar or fat before the exam, as they tend to make your mind less alert.

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